We all enjoy the 4th of July festivities, the fireworks, all your friends and family gathered at the beach to gaze up in the night sky and the beautiful displays of pyrotechnics. What we all forget to do sometimes is look down, at the beautiful landscape on which we stand. We forget that all these events create tons of trash, lots of it single use plastic. ( straws, wrappers, packets, bottles…. the list goes on). This year The Aquafriends decided we needed to help our shorelines survive another onslaught of people just dropping their trash anywhere. We organized a July 5th Day After beach cleanup. We want to thank the SAN CLEMENTE WATERSHED TASK FORCE for supplying the bags, gloves, and grabber claws. and we cant do this without the dedication of our volunteers. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for the 43LBS of trash we collected. #saveourseas #nomoreplastic #theaquafriends

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