Founders: Sandra Barrick and Jason Staggs (Mother and son)

In 2009 we created The Aquafriends® Project to educate future generations on the importance of protecting and preserving our oceans, rivers, lakes, streams, and the marine-life that inhabit these waterways (a dream of ours for over 30 years). Aquafriends® itself began as a brand name for our children’s educational foundation and plush line of toys with a vision to educate children about the ocean and the importance of preserving everything in and around it.

Right away we saw that our project had the potential to become a great global brand and become a huge player in the genre that
exists at the intersection of children’s entertainment and children’s education. We soon realized that making a full feature animated film was the perfect project to focus our energies and the best way to launch a truly global brand.

By using toys, interactive websites, media, TV, and film, etc., in conjunction with the efforts of our Foundation, Aquafriends® has the opportunity to both educate and entertain children around the globe. Our thinking has always been that we can communicate our passions for Earth’s water by “educating while entertaining” the next generation.

In the words of George Lucas “Edu-tainment is the future for children.” Being completely inspired, we fully committed and went “all-in” putting everything we have into the Aquafriends® Project, developing the story, characters, environments and script. We have, and will continue to work tirelessly to not only ensure that the Aquafriends film gets made, but also is highly successful.

Our Mission

The AquaFriends Foundation was founded in 2010 to promote clean water in our streams, rivers, lakes and oceans. We believe that early education is the best way to achieve this goal and set us on the right path for future generations and the future of our planet.

The news of polluted waterways is NOT new. The problems facing these ecosystems are well documented and globally devastating. Our commitment is to teach children through entertainment.

It is our hope that AquaFriends cartoons and characters will be the spark that inspires a generation to “teach their parents” and lead a dynamic movement to restore our waterways. When children are invested in a worthy cause, their parents follow suit.

Just as our children lectured us about (choose one) seat belts, smoking, texting while driving, we predict that they will do the same about preserving our waterways. When they learn of over fishing, plastic pollution, emissions, and the vast effects of human consumption on our marine ecosystems, we are confidant that our children will lead the way in protecting and preserving these waterways.

The Aquafriends Foundation is dedicated to inspiring children to help change the world. This lofty goal is reachable…by educating children through smart, funny entertainment thinly disguised as education. We are confident that doing the right thing will become second nature to a whole generation. Our fundraising events will raise money to provide scholarships in oceanography and marine biology

The oceans are vast, but they are not immune to human influence. We have already altered or destroyed many marine ecosystems and driven million-year-old species to the brink of extinction. According to a study published in

Science, less than 4 percent of the oceans remain unaffected by human activity. In the last few decades, we have seen the benefits of restored rivers and lakes – for ecological and economic health – in many parts of the world.

We can reap the same benefits from healthy oceans. We can restore ocean ecosystems that will sustain us, entertain us, amaze us and generate jobs around the world for centuries to come.