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Board of Directors

Jason Staggs

Jason Staggs

Jason Staggs – Aquafriends Co-Creator / Graphic Designer / Publisher / Marine Enthusiast

With a successful printing company and more than seventeen years of graphic design and publishing experience, Jason Staggs has developed a sharp visual eye for what gets a response. This led him to the opportunity to start 2 magazines, each with a circulation of 60k every month. His efficient skill as a project manager and the ability for seeing all possible outcomes has made him the go to person for consulting on some of the action sports industry latest tech projects (Pipeline, GoPro, Perry Ellis, Quicksilver, Nike, Moteng are a few) .

Over the last 5 years his family has dedicated their lives to developing and building the AQUAFRIENDS® into brand and a full feature film with worldwide efforts to educate children about the oceans ecosystems.  In the past, Jason has been improvisational actor and voice talent on Ed Kahea’s “It’s a Crazy Island”, local comedy show in Hawaii. Jason has also worked as a production office manager for Gilmanjai Productions (Div. Of Warner Brothers) and worked with Lynn VanKulenberg on such titles as: A Midnight Calm, Highlander III – The Final Dimension, and Far Away Home. Jason is a PLATT Graduate and holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Design with Honors.

Dutch Hofstetter – Award winning Film Producer / Ocean advocate

Dutch Hofstetter

Dutch Hofstetter – Award winning Film Producer / Ocean Advocate

Producer of the Award winning film “Soul Surfer”,  “Hoovey”, “Two Tickets To Paradise” and “Field of Lost Shoes”. Born in Paris and Educated at Lawrenceville and Princeton starting an art business in his garage the day after graduation.

Clients include DISNEY, HALLMARK, QVC, SHARPER IMAGE in a worldwide reach that included China, Russia, S. America, Europe, India and Japan. This momentum led to the discovery of the most popular “puzzle” in Europe at RAVENSBURGER and SCHMIDT SPIEL in the 1990’s. Dutch spent the last 8 years developing and implementing the vision of Bethany Hamilton’s movie “Soul Surfer”.

Dutch intends to use that acumen and energy and knowledge of nuances of the industry to produce and distribute other quality films.

Paul Moldovanos

Paul Moldovanos

Paul Moldovanos – Aquafriends Co-creator / Artist / Producer / Nature Activist

Paul is a multi-disciplined creative professional living in Canada’s beautiful west coast. His diversified styles include cartoon and whimsy, fine art, graphic design, illustration, photography, sculpture and animation production.

The Clayman’s  cartoon work was first published in MAD Magazine which helped launch a career that now includes designs used as national billboards for the US Army Corps of Engineers National Water Safety campaigns, character development for the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation and health education posters for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals.

Paul’s career in clay stop motion animation began as an apprentice under Lisa Jane Gray and David Bowes from Bowes Productions where he worked on projects including commercials for Pharmasave, Lotus Awards and BCAA and Fuji TV’s Hiroki Pontiki’s Tongue Twister shorts. studio has been featured on Vancouver’s City TV “Breakfast Television”, CHUM Television’s “VILand Parade”, Canwest Global’s “Go”, Partner’s in Motion production of “Very Odd Jobs” and several popular industry blogs.

Paul is currently working with The Aquafriends Foundation on development of an animated 3D series, and feature film which aims to raise awareness towards the international Garbage Patch in the Pacific Gyre. To date, The Clayman and Associates provided and created all concept art, character sets and props designs, storyboards and animatics, 3D character, set and props.

Advisory Board

Martin Meunier- Aquafriends Advisory_Board

Martin Meunier

Martin Meunier – Animation Production Advisor

Martin Meunier has worked in special effects since the early nineties, he started as a Model maker on James and the Giant Peach and continued his collaboration with Henry Selick, the Director of Nightmare before Christmas to this day. On the film Coraline he introduced the rapid prototyping process to the stop motion industry and was awarded an Annie Award as well as an Academy Award for pioneering this advance.

Martin used the knowledge of computer graphics he gained working for companies such as Tippett studio, ILM and Digital Domain combined with his traditional stop motion set work to blend the two art forms and create a new technology. Rapid prototyping is now used on all stop motion feature films and the progress in technology has made it possible for amateurs to use it on short films and even school projects. Today Martin operates a stop motion studio that specializes in animated Short and Feature films.

Besides his passion for animation, Martin has always had the dream to use his knowledge to help the environment, and what better way than through a children’s show that could help young minds discover, understand and ultimately help our oceans.  Such an education is vital for the survival of our ecosystem and the well being of future generations and our planet as a whole.

Justin Kohn- Aquafriends Animation Advisor

Justin Kohn

Justin Kohn – Animation Production Advisor

Justin Kohn has been involved in film making, animation and visual effects since 1979. A world-renowned animator who has worked in both CG and stop-motion animation. He has been in the forefront of many classic animated feature films such as The Nightmare Before Christmas, Antz, James and the Giant Peach, Coraline, The Life Aquatic, Anomalisa, RoboCop2 and many more. He has also worked on numerous commercials, children’s films and televisions series like Land of the lost, Robot Chicken, SuperMansion, The PJs and The Simpsons. He specializes is stop-motion animation of any style, Armature design, machining, rigging, troubleshooting and coordinating productions.

Justin has been involved in environmental activism since the 80’s. As a videographer for Earth First! During the Pacific Lumber old growth timber conflicts in Northern California, and as a long time member of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, working to protect the wildlife of the world’s oceans.

Roy Mulder Aquafriends Advisory Board

Roy Mulder

Roy Mulder -Digital Media Producer / Marine Conservationist

As a director of numerous organizations Roy has experienced working with people and collaborating on a wide number of issues. Learning from years as the Chair of the Board of the TD/Canada Trust Friends of the Environment Foundation Vancouver Chapter, he understand the allocation of funding and how people evaluate presentations, both written and using visual media. Spending years in corporate sales has given Roy a demonstrated insight into corporate and government culture. Having both presented and attended thousands of presentations, he has learned what people pay attention to. The vast majority of people are visual which naturally makes a visual presentation more powerful. Although he does offer commercial still photography, Roy believes that video is a more effective tool in creating retention on a subject or product.

When working with organizations it is important to understand their cultural behaviour and the differences between public and private sector. The British Columbia Institute of Technology Fundraising Management course was instrumental in his understanding of not-for-profit organizations. Decades of corporate sales prepared him for gaining insights into private corporations.

You will see a lot of Roy’s work revolves around the ocean and animals. He is passionate about the marine environment and shooting underwater is one of his favourite things to do. This passion has extended to much of the work he does with non-profit groups for ocean advocacy. He enjoys the challenges of a difficult production circumstance and how to create a flawless finished product.

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