Programs and Agenda

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Gutters to waves program


  1. Distribution of AquafriendsTM Educational DVD’s in schools to augment units on marine biology, oceanography and science.
  2. Fund scholarships in the field of Marine Biology to worthy, dedicated students.
  3. Support, through funding, those organizations who are already making a positive impact on restoring our waterways. We will carefully examine results as well as financial records.
  4. School Programs – Educate elementary and middle school student on the importance of clean water and sustainability with a responsibility to marine life and how our human actions effect the environment. Provide teachers with the tools to easily facilitate an effective and entertaining program. A children’s newsletter with fun facts, puzzles, coloring contests will be distributed to all students who participate. The foundation website will have extensive resources to make the learning process exciting for the student. Interactive games/puzzles, video clips, and down-loadable content all focused for the age group it is presented too. Give all graduates of the learning program the option to continue their education via our website with involvement and cooperation of the child’s parents.
  5. Local Community Eco-Events: “Gutters to Waves” program. These events allow for the general public to become involved in the combined efforts of local residents. Educational brochures can be distributed throughout the community which address problems and offer solutions. Individuals will participate in different events, helping to clean their local environment. Additionally, Invite the media with a press release and telling a Eco-story that is exciting and informative.
  6. Press releases will be sent to local and national media to cover local events and internationally for major ocean/water installations. This will aid in newspaper, magazine and television support for ocean/water conservation.
  7. Distributed Newsletter/Brochures: Specifically focused on young age groups. These thought provoking words combined with visually exciting underwater images will be educational, informative and entertaining. Our programs and literature will be given in quantity to participating schools and institutions to add to their curriculum, allowing them the opportunity to support ocean conservation in their educational programs. These brochures will be distributed through schools, all types of businesses, and corporations. The brochures focus will be how to keep the waterways clean,interact with marine life and activities (do’s and don’ts) for the individual to follow that will directly benefit the ocean’s sustainability. Brochures will be printed on recycled paper with biodegradable ink.
  8. Photography/Solution Contests: Contests will be promoted on our web site, photo, art, dive and travel magazines and through organizations that support and distribute our educational brochures. Winning photography will be used in educational brochures, table top books, posters, calendars, exhibitions, etc. Schools will also be invited to participate in contests as an extra curricular activity that will result in photo exhibitions in participating schools. Hopefully this will get teens interested!
  9. Public exhibits and lecture series: Exhibits for museums, marine parks, schools, etc., will merge winning photo contest images combined with quotes from scientists. We will create an additional competition for students to participate in creating solutions locally and globally.
  10. Web site development: Continually updating with new technologies to stay on the cutting edge of educational tools via multi media and the web. Subjects on local to global problems and solutions will be addressed. The  web site will also be a valuable tool for use in learning institutions.

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