Animation Project

In 2009 we created The Aquafriends® Project to educate future generations on the importance of protecting and preserving our oceans, rivers, lakes, streams, and the marine-life that inhabit these waterways (a dream of ours for over 30 years). Aquafriends® itself began as a brand name for our children’s educational foundation and plush line of toys with a vision to educate children about the ocean and the importance of preserving everything in and around it.

Right away we saw that our project had the potential to become a great global brand and become a huge player in the genre that
exists at the intersection of children’s entertainment and children’s education. We soon realized that making a full feature animated film was the perfect project to focus our energies and the best way to launch a truly global brand.

By using toys, interactive websites, media, TV, and film, etc., in conjunction with the efforts of our Foundation, Aquafriends® has the opportunity to both educate and entertain children around the globe. Our thinking has always been that we can communicate our passions for Earth’s water by “educating while entertaining” the next generation.

In the words of George Lucas “Edutainment is the future for children.” Being completely inspired, we fully committed and went “all-in” putting everything we have into the Aquafriends® Project spending $500k of our own money developing the story, characters, environments and script. We have, and will continue to work tirelessly to not only ensure that the Aquafriends film gets made, but also is highly successful.


Our heroes are a daring group of kids and marine animals who put it all on the line rescuing their kidnapped friends and fighting back to save the oceans from destruction.


Armed with humor, passion, a ship and some screwball devices, our band of hero misfits set out on a rescue that will take them to funny, exotic and sometimes scary places. Against all odds, they wage a battle of wits and their own strengths against the villains as they rescue their kidnapped sea animal friends. A series of high energy conflicts between the AQUAFRIENDS and key villain characters will lead up to a dramatic test of our hero’s loyalty, friendship, trust and responsibility to themselves and our planet. Finally this will be acknowledged by the lead villain, forcing him to surrender and becomes a champion himself by changing his ways.


Lee Egerman- Executive Producer
Jason Staggs- Producer- Co-Founder
Sandra Barrick- Producer, Co- Founder
Paul Moldovanos
– Producer, Character Designs, Animatics
Dutch Hofstetter– Producer
Chris Hummel– Associate Producer
Joey D’Auria- Script ( Feature Film )
Nelson Dewey– Concept Art, Character Designs,Storyboards, Animatics
Sean Newton– Concept Art, Character Designs, Storyboards
Marie Kerns– 3D Modeling, Animation, Composites, Renders
Eray Kiranoglu– 3D Modeling, Animation, Composites, Renders
Shawn Crosby– Voiceover ( Turtle & Gabby )
Mary Ball– Voiceover ( Madison )
Ian Fults– Voiceover- ( Joey PSA )
Jason Staggs– Voiceover- ( Lucre & Kip Shark )
Sean Hart– Fur / Hair, Fluid and Particle Dynamics, Lighting, Renders
37 Digital, Shanghai– Trailer #1
Green Zero Studio, Hungary- Trailer #2
Steve Noble – Website Technical Support

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