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Joey and Captain Scrimshaw – © TheAquaFriends.com


Joey the Seal – A totally awesome California (teen) Harbor Seal. He loves surfing and can ride any wave, eating, and catching rays, girl seals and is really into ecology and stuff. He thinks polluting the world’s oceans is a total bummer.

Captain Augustus Scrimshaw – A cantankerous old sea bird with a million and one colorful stories about the sea. On the outside Captain Scrimshaw comes across as a gruff old bird, but deep down he’s a sentimental old softy. As Captain of the floating hospital ship, S.S. AQUA FRIENDS, Captain Scrimshaw’s job is to keep everybody on board safe. A spit and polish Navy man . . . uh, bird . . . the Captain does his very best to run the ship by the book. However, his eclectic and highly unorthodox crew makes that practically impossible. Never the less, that doesn’t stop the Captain from trying. In spite of his many frustrations, the Captain gets along with everybody on the ship – with the possible exception of his annoyingly sarcastic first mate, Louie Du Crab, an irritating French crustacean who never fails to make the Captain lose his temper.

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